PFI Mill

Product line: S40110
The PFI mill is used for beating laboratory-scale pulp samples. Correct beating is the first … more


Product line: S40690
The software ProbeNet from FRANK-PTI is a software program for collecting measurement data from different … more

Crush Resistance Tester

Product line: S18502
The crush tester has been specially developed for crush tests on various materials (paper, board, etc.) … more

Laborrefiner LR40

Product line: S21000
The laboratory refiner consists of a robust frame made of stainless steel, the sampling station … more

Sample Punching Machine XXL

Product line: S40350
The pneumatic die cutter is a robust floor-standing device that operates … more

Burst Tester

Product line: S18534
For the determination of burst strength on paper and board. The specially developed housing, which comes as standard … more

ML Gloss Meter

Product line: S62800
Laboratory automation for 2 or more testing devices. The ModularLine gloss tester … more

Concora Medium Fluter

Product line: S95963
The Concora medium fluter consists of a main case and a fluter case. The motor and controls are installed in the main case … more

Universal Micrometer

Product line: S16502
For the precise determination of thickness of paper, board, corrugated board, nonwovens, foil and textile. The universal … more


Product line: S18520
The short span compression tester has been developed specially for the paper industry and has exceptional ease of use and … more

Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester

Product line: S95587
The drainage chamber and lifting cylinder are mounted on a sturdy stainless steel tripod. The filling … more

BCT Box Compression Tester

Product line: S18505
For the determination of compression resistance of boxes. The box compression tester is a robust base frame in which the … more

Sample Punch „Punch & Die“-principle

Product line: S40310
For punching samples in stripes … more

Internal Bond Sample Preparation Station

Product line: S40530
For preparing samples for the internal bond test. The Internal Bond Sample Preparation … more

Sheet Former Rapid Köthen KWT

Product line: S95854
For the production of standardized hand sheets with a diameter of 200 mm and to enrich the white water … more

ModularLine PPS Print Surf Rauhigkeitsprüfgerät

Product line: S62600
For Measuring roughness according to the Print Surf method. The print surf method … more

Bauer McNett Fibre Classifier

Product line: S40180
For the classification of pulp by determining the fiber length. The fibre classifier … more

Braindl Fiber Classifier

Product line: S40176
Zur Faserfraktionierung nach Haindl, Brecht Holl und zur Rezyklierbarkeitsmessung … more

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