Braindl Fiber Classifier

Product line: S40176

For fiber fractionation according to Haindl, Brecht Holl and for recyclability measurement. The Braindl fiber fractionator made of corrosionresistant material is used to determine the form constituents of fibrous materials according to the Brecht-Holl and Haindl principles. An operating selector switch can be used to switch between the Haindl and Bracht-Holl function. By inserting the appropriate sieves, measurements can be carried out fully according to both measuring methods. Below the slotted plate is a rubber diaphragm which is continuously moved up and down by a motor-driven eccentric. A nozzle ring for injecting water according to Brecht-Holl and a nozzle according to Haindl are centrally mounted above the slotted plate. The eccentric moves the membrane at a speed of 200 strokes/min.

Test description
Depending on the test method selected, the method is set on the operating selector switch, the appropriate sieve is inserted, and the stroke for the diaphragm, determined according to standard, is set. A weighed pulp sample is added to the water in the wash tank. Water is sprayed through a splash ring onto the slotted plate. Fibers and pieces smaller than the slits are sucked through the plate and washed away due to the vibrating motion of the membrane. The slivers remain on the plate. When the wash cycle is complete, the water is drained and the slivers are washed off the slit plate, collected, dried and balanced. The percentage distribution of the slivers of the pulp used can be calculated.
Applicable Standards
  • Zellcheming Merkblatt Vl/1/66
  • 2-in-1 combination device for fiber fractionation according to Haindl and Brecht-Holl
  • All parts made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Swiveling washing chamber for quick change of sieves
  • Adjustable stroke hight
  • Timer function
  • All parts made of corrosion resistant materials
  • With built-in timer
  • Wash chamber swivels to the rear
  • Stroke adjustable: 6mm, 12 mm Brecht Holl and 18mm Haindl
  • Quick adjustment of stroke height
  • Nozzle ring according to BH and central nozzle according to Haindl separately switchable to inject the water
  • manometer for indication and adjustment of water pressure

Available Models
  • S401760000 Braindl Fiber Classifier
Available Accessories
  • S401751001 Slotted sieve 0,20mm
  • S401751002 Sieve acc. DIN 16 W=0,4 d=0,25mm
  • S401751003 Sieve acc DIN 50 W=0,125 d=0,08mm
  • S401751011 Slotted sieve 0,70mm
  • C000006273 Hole sieve Ø 2mm
  • C000006296 Hole sieve Ø 0,6mm 430 bore holes
  • C000006297 Hole sieve Ø 0,6mm 870 bore holes
  • C000006624 Slotted sieve 0,12mm
  • C000006626 Slotted sieve 0,25mm
Scope of delivery S401760000
  • 1x Braindl Fiber fractionator device
  • 1x Hole sieve 0,7 mm for recyclability
  • 1x Slot sieve 0,2 mm Brecht-Holl
  • 1x Sieve DIN 16 Bracht-Holl
  • 1x Sieve DIN 50 Breacht-Holl
  • 1x Slot sieve 0,15 Haindl
  • 1x Drain hose 1“ inch approx. 1m
  • 1x Hose for water supply with ¾“ inch screwing approx. 1,5m
Technical Data
  • Power supply: 230V / 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: <130W
  • Water connection: hose with ¾“ screw. aaprox.1,5m / min. 2 bar / max. 5bar
  • Drain: Hose 1“ Zoll /ca. 1m
  • Water consumption: max. 10l/min
  • Compressed air: No
  • Membrane stroke: 6mm / 12mm (BH) / 18mm (Haindl) adjustable
  • Stroke Speed: 200 strokes/min
  • Time: Adjustable (Timer)
Device Dimensions
  • S401760000 / Braindl / 700 x 600 x 680 mm mm (L x B x H)
Weight / Version / net / gross
  • S401760000 / Braindl / ca. 75kg / on request

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