DOMAS multispec

Product line:

The Domas scanner system is a modern device for image analysis, which was developed specially for the paper industry by PTS Heidenau. It consists of a high-definition scanner with reflected light and transmitted light unit, and a separate PC. To ensure correct measurements, the scanner is pre-calibrated by PTS Heidenau. Exact adjustment is carried out with a calibration sheet supplied with the device. The pre-installed analysis software makes possible the automatic and flexible analysis by the preselected module. The user modules can be extended according to requirements.

Test description

The round or rectangular sample is placed on the scanner. With the help of the analysis software these are evaluated. During this process, every parameter of the image acquisition and analysis can be defined, saved and retrieved at any time. The Domas system is based on a simple push button solution, which makes analysis possible without any knowledge of the system. The measurement results are clearly displayed as an Excel table, which allows further processing of the data.

Applicable standards
  • Easy to use (results after three mouse clicks)
  • Standard compliance with (ISO, TAPPI, INGEDE)
  • Individual measurement parameters
  • Regular updates
  • Online support via Teamviewer
  • Open interfaces with enterprise data systems
  • S24100002 Domas runtime system
  • S24100003 Domas scanner and calibration
  • S24100080 Domas PC FPTW10CL WIN 10
Available modules
  • S241000010 Module dirt specks
  • S241000020 Module stickies
  • S241000030 Module dirt specks & stickies
  • S241000040 Module sheet formation
  • S241000050 Module mottling
  • S241000060 Module blackening
  • S241000070 Module missing dots
  • S241000090 Module pinholes
  • S241000100 Module formation, mottling  & blackening
  • S241000110 Module missing dots & heliotest
  • S241000120 Module heliotest
  • S241000130 Module bleeding & wicking
  • S241000140 Module screen-, felt- and other structures
  • S241000150 Module coverage (for coated liner)

  • Multispectral image analysis system
  • Images acquired by flatbed scanner
  • Analysis results in clearly arranged tables and graphical diagrams.
  • WindowsTM based system

Technical data
  • Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Compressed air: no
  • Water: no
For analysis of:
  • dirt specks
  • stickies
  • sheet formation
  • blackening
  • pin-holes
  • structures
  • coverage
  • pitting
  • bleeding & wicking
  • mottling
  • missing dots
  • heliotest
  • chemical imaging

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