PFI Mill

Product line: S40110

The PFI mill is used for beating laboratory-scale pulp samples. Correct beating is the first important step in preparation of hand sheets of the required quality. The core of the PFI mill are the inner toothed beater unit with its 33 blades and an outer smooth beater housing. The beater unit and housing rotate in the same direction at different peripheral speeds. A beating force of exactly 3.33 N/mm ensures that the pulp is beaten under standardized conditions.

Test description

A weighed pulp sample prepared with a standardized disintegrator is added to the pulp container and spread evenly across the entire inner wall. Then the beater unit is lowered into the housing. When the start buttons are pressed, the beater housing starts rotating and the beating process commences. The mill stops when the preset number of rotations is reached. The beaten pulp can be removed and the Schopper-Riegler value determined, where required. The mill is ready for further beatings, so that a beating curve can be created.

Applicable Standards
  • ISO 5264-2
  • DIN EN 25264-2
  • SCAN C 24
  • TAPPI T248
  • PAPTAC C.7
  • Fully automated and controlled process by well layed-out display commands and automated sequences
  • High rotation precision by use of frequency controlled drives
  • Highest safety standard by two hand operation mode
  • Protection against setting wrong parameters because only numbers of rotation are on demand
  • No rotational components are accessible
  • High precision of the revolution speed of the beating elements by frequency converter
  • Sturdy and lasting construction with a stainless steel frame
  • All materials used are corrosion resistant
  • Improved safety level by two-hand operation
  • Automated stop function, the roll return automatically to a central position
  • Cleaning opening at the bottom of the beater housing for easy rinsing and cleaning
  • Always the same beating fore because of weight load: no influence of air pressure fluctuation
  • No rotating components accessible
  • Easy handling and ergonomic design
  • 5-30g pulp in concentration 5-50% up to max. 450ml suspension
  • Distance screw for adjustable grinding gap
Available Models
  • S40110000 PFI Mill
Technical Data
  • Power supply: 400V / 50/60Hz / <2000W max
  • Compressed air connection: 600kPa / 6bar
  • Water connection: nein
  • Display: Revolutions set / Revolutions remaining
  • Grinding pressure: 3,33 N/mm
  • Speed: Beater roll: 1.458 +/- 30U/min / Beater box: 708 U/min
  • Grinding unit: Beater box:250mm /Beater roll 200mm
  • Grinding time: 2-10 min depending on material
  • Fill: 5-30g pulp / 5-50% up to max. 450ml
Device Diemnsions
  • S40110 PFI Mill 600 x 1100 x 1470 mm (L x B x H)
Weight / Version / net / gross
  • S40110 PFI Mill / approx. 430 kg / on request

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