Somerville Shive content analyser

Product line: S40170

For determination of shive content in pulp.The Somerville shive content analyser consists of a robust stainless steel frame, a membrane chamber, and a container. The unit is operated by a control unit on the wall. A motor driven eccentric continuously moves the rubber membrane in a reciprocating motion in the membrane chamber. There is an exchangeable slot plate between the wash chamber and the container. A calibrated ring nozzle with 12 horizontal perforations is fixed in the center of the slot plate. An overflow is attached to the container, which regulates the level of the water. The slot plate is held in the wash chamber by quick fasteners for easy removal.

Test description

The slot plate is placed between the wash chamber and the container. Pressing the ‘fill’ button sprays water through the ring nozzle onto the slot plate. The sample is added when the water reaches the 25 mm mark. As soon as water flows over the weir plate into the overflow, the motor starts. The vibrating motion of the membrane sucks fibers and pieces through the slits that are smaller than the slit width. The shives remain on the plate. On ending the wash cycle the water is drained. The shives remaining on the screen are rinsed off, collected, dried and weighed. The percentage of shive to pulp used is calculated.

Applicable Standards
  • TAPPI T275
  • TAPPI UM242
    *more on request
  • Sturdy construction made of corrosion-resitant materials only
  • Control box can be wall mounted
  • Installation onto a Bauer McNett fibre classifier possible
  • All parts made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Driving motor safety class IP 55
  • Vibration height of the membrane: 3,2mm
  • Calibrated ring nozzle (8,6 l/min with 123,6 kPa pressure)
  • Control cabinet wall mounted:
  • Sequetial control systems
  • Time switch
  • Thermal overload system
  • Sieve has to be chosen separately
Available Models
  • S401700001 Somerville without sieve

Available Accessories
  • S401701005 sieve 0,1 mm incl. nozzle
  • S401701004 sieve 0,15 mm incl. nozzle (Standard)
  • S401701003 sieve 0,2 mm incl. nozzle
  • S401701002 sieve 0,25 mm inkl. Düse
    *individual sieves on request
Technical Data
  • Power supply: 230V / 50-60Hz / 10A internal fused
  • Water connection: Supplied pressure min. 2,5 bar / Hose with ¾“ screwing
  • Drain: Hose 1m ½“
  • Compressed air: no

Device Dimensions
  • S401700001 / Sommerville / 460 x 460 x 1220 mm (L x B x H)
Weight / Version / net / gross
  • S401700001 / Sommerville / approx. 90kg / on reuqest

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