Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester

Product line: S95587

The drainage chamber and lifting cylinder are mounted on a sturdy stainless steel tripod. The filling chamber is bounded at the bottom with a special sieve, which leads into a separating funnel. This is provided with two outlet openings. A sealing cone closes the filling chamber against the separating chamber and prevents the leakage of the suspension before the actual start of the test. Depending on the version, the sealing cone lifts pneumatically or mechanically at standard speed. The digital version has state-of-the-art measuring electronics that output the grinding degree value in Schopper Riegler grades (°SR) on a display module with an accuracy of 0.1 °SR.

Test description
The pulp sample (2 g pulp), prepared with the standardised disintegrator, is poured into the closed filling chamber. The sealing cone lifts automatically once the start button is pressed (for the digital version) or when the handle is operated (manual and pneumatic version). The suspension is drained through the screen, leaving a fibre pad and the filtrate drains into the separating chamber. The water volume fraction drained through the side discharge pipe is collected in a °SR measuring beaker. In the manual and pneumatic versions the freeness is readable from the Schopper Riegler scale on the measuring beaker and in the digital version the freeness is shown on the display module.
Applicable Standards
  • DIN EN ISO 5267-1 (Standard) / SCAN C19M3 (optional) / Zellcheming Merkblatt (optional) / BS 6035/1 (British Standard)
    *more on request

  • Housing and drainage part made of stainless steel
  • Nozzle conform to ISO, other standards available
  • New precise measuring system to determine the SR-value
  • temperature compensation as standard (digial version)
  • Housing and drainage part made of stainless steel
  • Chamber with sieve, sealing cone and separating funnel mounted on the frame
  • Single button operation (conform to safety regulations)
  • Nozzle conform to ISO, other standards available
  • In scope of delivery: 2 pcs SR and CSF freeness cylinder / C-wrench for sieve exchange
  • Digital version:
  • Compatible with ProbeNet
  • Drainage curve visible via ProbeNet
    Temperature and temperature compensation from correlation to the CSF value and its compensation values determined in the standard
Available Models
  • S955870001 Schopper Riegler Version manuell
  • S955870002 Schopper Riegler Version pneumatisch
  • S955870003 Schopper Riegler Version digital

Available Accessories
  • S955871013 SR and CSF freeness cylinder plexi
  • S955871021 Calibrated nozzle acc. to Zellcheming
  • S955871001 Calibrated nozzle according to ISO
  • S955871002 Sieve changer
  • S406900001 ProbeNet software with one device license
    *requirements and information on request
Technical Data
  • Power supply: 400V / 50-60Hz (Version digital)
  • Water connection: no
  • Compressed air: 4-6bar / hose 6mm (Version digital / pneumatisch)
  • RS232: Data output
  • Ethernet: Data output / MQTT
  • USB: Updates / service / printer
    *only digital version
  • Unit: Version dig. SRU° / Temp in C° / SRU°-compensated
    *draining time and curve via ProbeNet
  • Version pneu./man. SRU (read manually on the beaker)
  • Meas. accuracy: 1°SRU *only Version digital
  • S955870001/2/3 / Schopper Riegler / 350 x 380 x 870 mm (L x B x H)
Weight / Version / net / gross
  • S955870001/2/3 / Schopper Riegler / approx. 32 kg / approx. 60kg
    *more on request

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