Product line: S40690

The ProbeNet software by FRANK-PTI is a software programme for the centralised collection of measurement data from different laboratory measurement equipment on one PC. ProbeNet  is very easy to use and presents the measurement results on a well-arranged interface. Individual measurement results and statistics of all devices can be rapidly and clearly summarised in only one area. It is possible to mark results as outliers in the list of individual results and exclude them from the statistics and reports. ProbeNet facilitates a linking of various software systems for data exchange. All relevant data can be exchanged between the systems. Upon request, it is also possible to connect external devices through RS232, MQTT or Ethernet. A temporary local data backup guarantees the saving of the received data. The data can comprise test parameters and measurement results but also tambour or batch numbers and climate data (data collection by means of an external climate measurement device, e.g. by FRANK-PTI). Data exchange is carried out via a local SQL database, which can also be used for data exchange with other data processing programmes within the company. Customers can define the data they want to export, e.g. measurement values and/or test parameters and/or statistics. It is also possible to define whether the data of all linked laboratory equipment or of individual devices should be exported. An individual adaptation of descriptions and conversion of measurement values (e.g. from N to kN) is also possible. Furthermore, users can link data (e.g. climate data) to individual test series.
  • Simple operation thanks to clear interfaces. Measurement data from various devices shown in graphs and tables on a central computer
  • Customer oriented setting. Description of measurement values adaptable according to customer wishes Conversion of measurement results to other units
  • Industry 4.0. Use of MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) via Ethernet for linking laboratory equipment. Integration of measurement devices via an RS232 interface
  • Measurement results are accessible for up to four weeks (traceability)
  • Tambour/batch numbers can be entered manually or by data transfer from an existing database (e.g. ERP system)
  • Free entry of denominations/descriptions for measurement values and test parameters
  • Conversion between units
  • Storage of global data (e.g. climate data) and linking of the data to test series
  • Export of measurement values and statistics via MS SQL at the push of a button – optional automation
  • Free selection of export contents (measurement values/test parameters/ statistics etc.) and whether data of all linked devices or of a selected
  • device should be exported
  • Data printing via Excel or storage as PDF file
  • Data printing by use of company template (letterhead/logo)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) by MQTT
  • Use of external equipment and import of CSV/text files from other software systems possible upon request
Available models
  • S406900001 ProbeNet Software incl. 1 device licence
  • S406901001 ProbeNet device licence
  • S406901002 ProbeNet device licence for third party devices
Available accessories
  • S406901003 converter USB-RS232
  • S406901004 cable RS232 BU/BU
  • S406901005 MQTT Broker 4 Port
  • S406901008 network cable 5m
Technical data
  • Power supply: no
  • Compressed air connection: no
  • Water connection: no
  • Data input RS232 / Ethernet / MQTT
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Software: Microsoft DotNet 4.0
  • Resolution: mindestens 1280x800 Pixel
  • Memory: mindestens 1GB
  • Hard disk space: mindestens 2 GB free space

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