Burst Tester

Product line: S18534

For the determination of burst strength on paper and board. The specially developed housing, which comes as standard with user-friendly touch screen and the FRANK-PTI connections, offers an exceptional basis for the high precision measurement technology of the burst pressure tester. This consists of a clamping bell and membrane as well as high precision pressure and force sensors. The separate start button on the device can be used to prevent the touchscreen from wearing out.

Test description

The sample to be tested is placed in the measuring area. After pressing the start button, the clamping bell lowers and fixes the sample. Glycerine underneath the membrane is compressed and the membrane is thus pressed continuously against the sample. The sample bulges, and loses cohesion, until it eventually breaks. Then the clamping bell returns to initial position. The results are shown on the display If more than one test is carried out, the results can be compared in the statistics and outliners can be taken out of the evaluation. In the statistics view you can see min. and max. values as well as the standard deviation.

Applicable standards
  • DIN EN ISO 2758 paper
  • TAPPI T403 paper
  • DIN EN ISO 2759 board
  • TAPPI T807 / T810 board
  • Easy operation via the inbuild touch screen
  • Pneumatic sample clamping
  • Contact pressure adjustable
  • Safety cover around the measuring area
  • pneumatic sample clamping
  • safety protectionaround the clamping bell
  • compatible with ProbeNet
  • modularLine version available
  • motor driven hydraulics
  • simple operation via touch screen
  • protection class 2 / IP44
Available Models
  • S185340000 Burst Tester Paper Bottom side
  • S185340001 Burst Tester Board Bottom side
  • S630000001 ModularLine Burst Tester Paper Bottom side
  • S630000002 ModularLine Burst Tester Paper Top side
  • S630000003 ModularLine Burst Tester Board Bottom side
  • S630000004 ModularLine Burst Tester Board Top side

Available Accessories
  • S185341001 Glycerin 250ml
  • S185341007 Membrane Paper
  • S185341010 Membrane Board

  • S406900001 ProbeNet Software incl. on licence
    *requirements explained on request
    *Anforderungen erklären wir gerne auf Anfrage

Technical data
  • Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <80W
  • Compressed air connection: 4-6bar / 6mm
  • Water connection: no
  • RS232 data output
  • USB Updates / Service
  • Ethernet data output / MQTT
  • Measuring range:
    Paper 50 - 2.000 kpa
    Board 250 - 10.000 kpa
  • Clamping pressure: adjustable
    Paper 600 - 2.000 kpa
    Board 300 - 2.250 kpa
  • Samples:
    Paper Thickness 3mm max
    Board Thickness 9mm max
  • Display: Burst pressure [kpa] / Berstindex [kpa/gr]
  • Statistics: Min / Max / Mean / SD
  • Measuring accuracy: Acc. DIN EN ISO 2758,2759
Device Dimensions
  • S185340000/1 / Burst Tester / 600 x 220 x 520 mm (L x B x H)
  • S630000000 / ModularLine Version / 600 x 270 x 600 mm (L x B x H)
Weight/ Version / net / gross
  • S185340000/1 / Burst Tester / approx. 45 kg / approx. 72 kg
  • S630000001/4 / ModularLine Version / approx. 55 kg / approx. 77 kg

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